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Category: News 2006
Barton Marine introduces new rope handling device
Barton Marine introduces new rope handling device


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Barton Marine is pleased to announce the introduction of the Line Tamer, a new rope handling device for boat owners. Stray halyards and lines can be secured around the Barton Line Tamer to ensure that they are kept neat and untangled whilst sailing or on the mooring.

"We understand that efficiency is important and we have designed the Line Tamer so that it is easy to install and use," comments Paul Botterill, Director at Barton Marine. "It provides crew and skipper with the assurance and convenience that a line can be quickly grabbed without having to detangle the rope before adjusting the sail."

Highly durable, the Line Tamer is produced from the same glass filled Nylon as the sides of the Barton Blocks. The unobtrusive, compact and ergonomic design of the Line Tamer with its smooth, curved edge does not cause harm to crew that brush past nor does it snag the rope.

Barton Marine's Line Tamer will enable crew to keep ropes secure and tidy from a dinghy to a yacht or motorboat of any size, and will retail at a price of £4.00 for a pair.

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