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Category: News 2006
Barton mast support for travelling dinghies
Barton mast support for travelling dinghies
Barton mast support for travelling dinghies
Barton mast support for travelling dinghies


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Normally associated with deck hardware for cruising and racing yachts, Barton Marine has introduced the innovative Barton Mast Support for sailing dinghies. The support secures the lowered mast at the aft end of the dinghy and prevents damage to the mast and deck when trailed. Designed to slot into the boat's rudder fittings, the support is fully adjustable to suit most transoms. The crosspiece incorporated into the support will allow for a light/number plate board to be fitted.

When not in use the support simply lifts off the transom fittings for storage. There are no other fastenings needed and weighing just 1.2 Kgs it is suitable for large or small boats without affecting the trailer balance.

Barton is keen to point out that the robustly constructed support enhances safety when the boat is being trailed and ensures the mast and rigging can be quickly stowed prior to departure and ready to go on arrival with minimum fuss. It also provides a useful and tidy stowage accessory for the mast when not in place in the dinghy park or when laid up.

As with all Barton equipment the Mast Support is built to an extremely high standard by the company which has an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation.

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