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Category: News 2011
Voiles et Voiliers
Voiles et Voiliers


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Here at Barton we are proud of the performance and great value of our products, and wanted to share the magazine block test report snippet with you.

In the March issue of French sailing title Voiles et Voiliers, the magazine reported on a Barton size 3 plain bearing block and a size 3 ball bearing block which were rigorously tested against similar specification blocks from many other brands. We have translated the report into English for you:

Barton Plain Bearing Size 3 Block 45mm sheave

Very simple and plain, the Barton friction (plain bearing) block is also the least expensive in this category.  Yet its performance leaves nothing to be desired as it works well enough up to its maximum load (admittedly not the highest).  
An entry-level model which just does the trick.  What more can you ask for?

Barton Ball Bearing Size 3 Block 45mm sheave

With identical looks to the brand’s friction twin, the Barton block stands out by its price – the lowest in this category.  Yet this is not a lower-end product as the block passed our load-test most satisfactorily and this under the maximum safe working load.

To find out more about Voiles et Voiliers magazine, visit and to see part of the article, which appears on their website, click here

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