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Category: News 2013
Size 2 Beam track installation - © Roy Denton
Size 2 Beam track installation - © Roy Denton
Size 2 curved beam track with double cars and link plate - ©  Roy Denton
Size 2 curved beam track with double cars and link plate - © Roy Denton


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Roy is currently refitting a Junk rigged 33ft cruising yacht and approached us to specify a mainsheet and mizzen traveller system. There is an extreme curve to the coachroof, so he wanted the advantage of a ball bearing traveller system but without an unsightly raised flat base fitted. 

Too much curve on a ball bearing system causes the traveller car to jam on the track at either end (maximum curvature is typically 21mm over 1m). We provided a solution to Roy by introducing two special short traveller cars (#98 061) into the system connected together by a stainless steel link plate (#24 202) to spread the load and use as a take off point for the mainsheet.

Our Size 2 beam track (#24 003) was specified as Roy wants the option to run control lines under the track, leaving a 100mm void under the track on both sides and 200mm gap between fixing bolts. A standard bolt track would distort on these areas under load. With accurate radius information, we were able to bend the track ready for fitment to the custom wood base plates (see the Barton track curving template at Roy's work looks excellent and he has a good eye for detail.

For traveller control, standard Size 2 end fittings (#24 110) have been used together with Size 1 control line blocks fitted to the traveller.  Roy has also opted for Barton deck organisers and rope clutches for control line management.

Roy is now working on the Mizzen track and should be ready for launching by early next year.

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