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Removable Mainsheet Traveller System  Bryan Downey
Removable Mainsheet Traveller System Bryan Downey
Removable Mainsheet Traveller System  Bryan Downey
Removable Mainsheet Traveller System Bryan Downey


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Barton customer Bryan Downey recently installed our removable mainsheet traveller system onto his Sun Odyssey 32i. His previous arrangement on the coach roof meant that it was difficult to adjust the mainsheet from the helm position. The new addition gives total control when short-handed. It is also easy to remove, should you wish to free up extra space in the cockpit area when tied up for the evening.

Bryan writes:

‘In terms of ease of installation, if I can do it anyone can – I’m reasonably practical but not an out and out DIY’er. I just used some timber backing plates in the locker and the aft cabin to secure the track holders (part# 24 090). I needed to use some spacers to compensate for the fact that the sides of the cockpit aren’t parallel.

‘Initial observations are that the boat points higher and sails faster and better – this is confirmed by two other owners who have done similar mods, one, also in Ireland using Barton gear and one in Australia.

‘For me the best thing is the ability to sail with the tiller in one hand and the mainsheet in the other, which, when you’re short-handed or single-handed is a great benefit. Like most modern boats with deep keels and not so deep rudders my yacht ‘Timballoo’ has a tendency to round up when over pressed, the bow digs in and the rudder becomes less effective. I was always taught to spill the main but with the coach roof mounted mainsheet arrangement this was never possible up until now.

‘So I’m delighted with the result!’

Details on the removable mainsheet track system can be found through this link to our latest developments page:


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