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Category: News 2015
Download Deck Layout (PDF)
Download Deck Layout (PDF)


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Barton Marine follow a number of Class Associations on their forums which is a good way to monitor new and old ways of getting the best out of your class of boat and to offer helpful sailing advice associated with deck hardware. We felt it beneficial to provide a user friendly deck plan for sailors to review and interpret and one that offers actual Barton part numbers specifically for each class of popular yacht.

Here is our first deck plan for the Jeanneau Sangria Class, very popular in France with some 2,150 boats built 1970 and 1982. These are still actively sailing and can be brought up to date by incorporating our latest innovations.

Watch out for some more popular classes over the next few months - or let us know which classes you would like us to diagram next.

Deck Layout PDF

Download Deck Layout (PDF)

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