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Category: News 2016


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Amid all the discussion of Brexit here in Europe, Barton Marine attended Annapolis Boat Show where the major line of discussion was on the upcoming Presidential campaign and election!! But sailors are sailors, and most left their political concerns at home and headed for the Annapolis, Maryland port to see the boats and equipment on display at the Show – despite Hurricane Matthew looming up the Florida Coast. Yes, there was rain….yes, there was wind….yes there were puddles of water to wade through….but the Annapolis Show is still the most fun Sailing Show in the world….and that kind of weather wouldn’t stop a true sailor anyway!! Barton Marine’s Rob Lyne attended the Show with our mates at Ocean Marketing, and worked throughout the week to ensure Barton’s place on the map in the USA marine market was highlighted, by talking directly to chandlers and end customers. We are especially pleased to welcome Annapolis Performance Sailing (APS) as a new Barton customer to be serviced by Ocean Marketing and Barton USA.

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