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Our beautifully crafted Wooden Victory Blocks were designed for classic boat owners – but also enhance bespoke exterior and interior design projects.

Refine the beauty of blinds, shades, awnings and lighting equipment in homes, offices and businesses. All sizes have ball bearing sheave construction to handle rope, cables and lines up to 14mm. Wooden side plates can be easily disassembled for re-varnishing and easy cleaning.




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For nearly 80 years Barton Marine has been making world-class sailing blocks, track and cars from our factory in Southeast England.
Starting in 1948 in Whitstable, England, famed for its shipwright heritage, our founder Ron Barton, was one of the first to use a fabric based laminated resin called Tufnol and stainless steel to manufacture leisure marine yachting blocks which were much lighter and stronger than previously constructed.

As a marine company of many firsts and moving into new and dynamic manufacturing processes Barton Marine has become a global leader in high-quality, well-engineered, modern sailing hardware and accessories.

The most reassuring aspect of Barton Marine products are that they provide peace of mind. When you buy Barton Marine equipment you are purchasing more than just a piece of hardware you are investing in a traditional company, which has always kept innovation and high standards in its sights.

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