The Barton Fuel Whistle

A simple device to prevent accidental spillages whilst refuelling

This unique patented product has been designed to give an audible warning to prevent fuel spills during the refuelling of your boat. This helps prevent marine pollution and ensures that your topsides and deck are kept free from spills.

Tens of thousands of boats are refuelled every day and each time up to half a gallon of fuel is potentially spilled into our waterways. For the most part this environmental hazard goes unreported and unchecked.

Disturbed by an oily sheen on the surface of the water, some boat-owners may spray a liquid soap on the slick to break up the mess. This is actually even more harmful to the environment, as the soap carries the oil to the sediment at the bottom where it builds up year after year. This sediment threatens all sea bed-dwelling life.

Until now, controlling these fuel spills has been difficult. Barton Marine has produced a simple and inexpensive fuel spill prevention device to warn that the fuel tank is approaching full without spilling a single drop of fuel.

With the 'Fuel Whistle', there will be no more guess work, no waste, no pollution. Every boat-owner can be a partner in protecting our precious resources.

How it works

While the tank is being filled a 'whistling' sound is produced by the 'Fuel Whistle'.

The sound is loud enough to be heard from any point on the boat. It will be audible in a strong breeze or with any normal surrounding sounds.

As the tank approaches full, the sound turns to a 'warble' and when completely fill it stops altogether - giving an early warning to stop filling BEFORE a fuel spill occurs.



Overall length - 95mm
Installed length - 50mm
Width (including lugs) - 50mm

Part No.

Barton Fuel Whistle

Fuel Whistle
60 010

Installing the Fuel Whistle


The 16mm (5/8") fuel vent line is cut approx 300mm (12") from the fuel tank.
The 'Fuel Whistle' is inserted with the arrows facing the hull vent.
The Fuel Whistle is then secured with 2 x hoseclamps (not supplied).


If required, the device can be held in place with 2 stainless steel screws inserted into the moulded mounting ears.
The 'Fuel Whistle' should be oriented within 45 degrees of the verticle to allow for proper drainage.