Deck organisers, rope clutches and mast base organiser

Available in two sheave sizes and in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-sheave models

Designed for use when leading control lines and halyards across the coach roof and back to the cockpit.

This range features aluminium construction with 'Spectro' grey anodised finish. Sheaves are from moulded Acetal with hollow stainless rivets to allow easy and tidy fitting.

Specifications Size 1 Size 2
Sheave size

Sheave Ø

Sheave width





Fastenings 6mm 8mm
Max rope diameter Max line Ø 12mm 14mm
Hole centres
Hole centres 43mm 58mm

Deck Organisers

Mast base organiser

The Barton Mast Base Organiser is finished in our unique 'Spectro' grey anodising for a long-lasting finish.

It accepts up to four double tang blocks mounted on individual stainless steel swivel posts, but with just three deck fixing points.

The unit is fitted close to the mast base to accept halyards, reefing lines and topping lift and is designed to work in conjunction with our range of deck organisers, rope clutches and winches, doing away with the need to leave the cockpit when reefing, hoisting or lowering the mainsail.

Specification comprises:

  • 'Spectro' anodised aluminium base
  • Four stainless steel swivel posts with nylon base washers
  • Four pairs of nylon packing washers for tang blocks
  • Used in conjunction with series 1-4 01 090 to 04 090 single blocks.
  Plain sheave   Length Width Height Weight (g)
  Plain sheave   Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight (g)

Size 1 deck organisers

2-sheave 81 582   115 28 25 108
3-sheave 81 583   157 28 25 155
4-sheave 81 584   200 28 25 200
5-sheave 81 585   244 28 25 244
6-sheave 81 586   287 28 25 295

Size 2 deck organisers

2-sheave 81 682   148 38 28 205
3-sheave 81 683   205 38 28 290
4-sheave 81 684   262 38 28 378
5-sheave 81 685   318 38 28 465
6-sheave 81 686   376 38 28 555

Deck Clutches and Organisers

Rope clutches

Manufactured from high grade plastics and aluminium with 'Spectro' grey annodised finish. Lines can be drawn through the clutch in the locked position as the line moves freely in the direction of pull and is restricted from returning by a spring-loaded cam mechanism. This compact range is suitable for securing halyards and control lines on yachts up to 30ft - or for lighter duties on large craft.

Kg SWL Max holding capacity 350Kg Locking levers come in grey, red and white and a set of marking stickers is included.
Kg SWL Max rope capacity 10 mm
Kg SWL Fastenings 6mm
Hole Centres Hole Centres 88mm

Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight (g)
    Length Width Height Weight (g)

Rope Clutch

Single Rope Clutch 80 500 107 28 62 250
Double Rope Clutch 80 501 107 54 62 480
Triple Rope Clutch 80 502 107 80 62 710
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight (g) SWL
Break load Kg Fixing hole mm Swivel post
    Length Width Height Weight (g) SWL Kg Break load Kg Fixing hole mm Swivel post

Mast Base Organiser

Mast Base Organiser 81 550 160 25 28 166 1540 3080 6 10
Rope Clutch