New Barton Quick Cleat

Are you looking for a secure alternative for traditional cleats that are specifically designed for kayaks, water toys, paddleboards and fenders? Launching at METSTRADE 2018, the Barton Marine Quick Cleat is perfect for novices and seasoned mariners and takes the place of tying and releasing knots. It’s made of nylon reinforced composite and secures braided lines up to 6mm with a working load limit of 13.5 kilos.  

Sold in pairs, the Barton Marine Quick Cleat offers exceptional value.   Easy to use, simply rotate the lever on top of the cleat, insert the line and release the lever which secures the rope. From securing fenders, gear, painter lines, buckets, boat gears or other gear, the Barton Marine Quick Cleat is designed to alter rope tension in one direction, but grips the rope firmly and securely in the other. 

Barton Marine are currently testing new variations of the Quick Cleat for Inflatables, and a larger stainless steel version with greater load rates for a variety of uses on yachts and docks.

Safe Working Load : 13.5kg
Max Rope Diameter : 6mm

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Barton Marine - Quick Cleats