Sail Handling

Lazy Jack Kits
Allow mainsails to be reefed or dropped with ease, by retaining the sail between lines running from the mast (near the hounds) to the boom. These lines can be slackened whilst sailing to avoid restricting sail shape.

Ideal for use with fully battened or conventional mainsails, these complete kits contain stainless steel, plastic-coated wires with blocks and fixing eyes attached. High quality braided line, all fixings and comprehensive fitting instructions are also included.

A unique feature of Barton lazy jack kits is the soft plastic block covers which prevent sail chafe and enhance appearance.

Lightweight lazy jack kits
These all-rope kits still feature our unique block covers but are inteded for smaller yachts or lightweight use.
Not recommended for large yachts or fully battened mains. We also recommend that the use of a topping lift is retained.

Cascade lazy jack kits
Available in standard and lightweight format. For use with longer boom lengths where more sail control is required.

Lightweight lazy jack kits Part No.
For yachts up to 9m (30ft) 41 140
Cascade system for yachts up to 10.5 (35ft) 41 143
Lazy jack kits  
For yachts up to 9m (30ft) 41 150
For yachts up to 12m (40ft) 41 151
For yachts over 12m (40ft) 41 152
Cascade system for larger yachts 41 153

Lazy Jack Kits - Diagram

Lazy Jack System Kits


Important note: mast steps
Mast steps should always be used in conjunction with a bosun's chair.

Always have a crewmember at hand to control the halyard. Do not go aloft barefoot and always put safety first when going aloft.

  Part No.
Mast Step (Stainless Steel) 60 750

Mast Step
Low profile, lightweight hinged mast step, manufactured from bright polished stainless. Featuring a secure and positive hinge action to ensure that the product is rattle free. The foot hold area has a toothed non-slip surface and the profile turns up at the outboard end for a firm and secure foothold.

Secure using 4 x 5mm pop rivets and fit at 500mm spacing (as shown in the adjacent diagram).

Single line reefing kit
A boxed complete single-line reefing kit that allows reefing lines to be led aft to the safety of the cockpit.

This system makes reefing your mainsail a quick and easy operation - just lower the main to a predetermined mark on the halyard, tension and reefing line and re-trim the sail.

Supplied as a complete set with all the parts and fittings required, together with full fitting instructions. All you need to provide is a line and a cleat stopper.

Slab reefing kits
Supplied with sliding blocks which are held in place with spring-loaded plungers. Manufactured from stainless steel and 'Spectro' anodised aluminium. Available in two sizes and complete with sufficient length of 'T' track and end stops.

41 483 - Supplied with 60cm of 25mm
anodised 'T' track
41 496 - Supplied with 100cm of 32mm anodised 'T' track

Single line reefing kit Part No.
For yachts up to 9m (30ft) 41 130
Slab reefing kits  
For yachts up to 8.5m (28ft) 41 483
Spare slide for above 41 484
For yachts up to 12m (39ft) 41 496
Spare slide for above 41 497

Stanchion lead blocks
Mainly used leading headsail furling lines aft, Barton stanchion blocks are available in three sizes to suit most applications.

Double blocks are designed for use with endless line systems and can easily be taken apart to accept pre-spliced lines.

A larger size 4 block should be used for final take-off, especially if the furling line is to be lead to a winch.

All stanchion blocks are available with either plain or ball-bearing sheave.

Reefing/gooseneck hooks
Manufactured in stainless steel, both these types of hook are used in conjunction with slab reefing kits for securing the mainsail tack.

Type 41 517 is supplied in pairs and is intended for mounting either side of the boom at gooseneck level.
Type 41 518 can be mounted above the gooseneck or can be used at the stemhead to accept a jib tack.

Reefing hooks Part No.
Boom fitting (pair) 41 517
Gooseneck or stemhead fitting 41 518
Single line reefing kit
Plain sheave   Ball-bearing sheave Sheave
Max line
Ø mm
Max tube Ø mm
Stanchion lead blocks Plain Sheave   Ball Bearing Sheave Sheave Diameter Max Line Diameter  
Single Stanchion - size 2 02 190   12 190 35 8 25
Double Stanchion - size 2 02 290   12 290 30 10 25
Single Stanchion - size 3 03 190   13 190 45 10 25
Single Stanchion - size 4 04 190   14 190 58 12 25
Stanchion bullseye            
Stanchion Bullseye 60 142   bullseye internal diameter 17mm