Global leader in high performance sail and deck hardware, Barton Marine is adding to its Carbon Fibre and Kevlar wear and protection collection. Launching at this year’s METS, Barton’s new PUR clear wear pads bring the same material used on race cars to protect them from chips and abrasion now to mariners to keep their boats in tip-top condition.

Paul Botterill, Managing Director from Barton Marine comments, “Whether it’s a powerboat, superyacht, RIB or dinghy, there are always areas that suffer from scratches, scuffing, abrasions and other damage. The team at Barton know that keeping a boat in good-as-new condition protects not only its performance but also its price. Now our new PUR clear wear pads offer invisible protection, ideal for a wider range of uses across all types of boats.”

Designed to help sailors and power boaters protect key areas of a boat’s deck and superstructure from chips, abrasion and wear, Barton’s range of wear pads can be applied wherever there is a need to protect a boat’s finish without compromising its looks. There are three wear pad options for boaters to choose – the new PUR clear, Kevlar, or Carbon – offering a choice of colours and performance characteristics. The PUR clear and Kevlar provide the highest protection for the most extreme use, while the carbon is ideal for everyday levels of use.

Typical areas of application include area where fender and mooring lines rub or chafe, around the gunwhale, where shackles, cleats or pulleys can cause damage, or where keys mark gelcoat around the ignition or nav area, and where doors or hatches open.

As well as being unobtrusive, the PUR clear wear pads are waterproof, chip resistant, easy to apply and can be cut with scissors to create the precise shape required. Made of high grade polyurethane resin 3M film, the PUR clear wear pads are designed so they do not discolour when exposed to the elements, do not crack, chip and their application does not affect the gel coat or wood.

In addition to the worldwide launch of the PUR clear wear pads, Barton Marine’s popular Carbon Fibre and Kevlar versions, will also be on show at METS for the first time. Launched in April, the Carbon Fibre and Kevlar wear pads are designed to compliment the appearance of both leisure and race boats. Produced with a special high performance 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing, the wear pads exhibit excellent resistance to edge lifting, immersion and exposure to salt water.

Wear pads can be customised and cut to size to fit both curved and flat surfaces. The pads are ideal for preventing blocks and lines from damaging the deck and gel coat. They can prevent damage to the mast and boom and hide areas of wear while providing future protection.

Made of tough, extreme hardwearing and resistant materials, the wear pads and discs may need periodic replacement depending on the amount and type of use to maintain protective performance.

All are available in packs of two 98 x 200mm rectangular pads and Carbon Fibre and Kevlar discs are sold individually at 208 mm diameter.

All the products being launched at METS are available from Barton Marine’s global network of distributors. To find out more and review product data visit