Barton Marine Launch the Windicator into Europe for the 2023 Season

Windicator 84002 - Laser Version
Windicator 84002 - Laser Version

Barton Marine are pleased to launch the original and widely acclaimed Windicator range into Europe for 2023.  The Windicator is a visual mechanical wind direction indicator, and with a glance, provides sailors with supreme wind guidance for optimum sailing performance.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using precision engineering for a lightweight (22-63.5g / 0.77-2.26oz), durable construction, the easy to fit Windicator has been the secret weapon of top New Zealand sailors on the yacht racing circuit for over thirty years.  

Windicator 84003 - Optimist Version
Windicator 84003 - Optimist Version

100% accurate in two knots of wind, there are three dinghy and two offshore racing yacht versions available.  Each of the dinghy models are individually optimized for Optimists, Lasers, Aeros and Toppers, but also fit perfectly on a huge range of other sailing dinghies including RS and Hartley craft.  They can also be used for land sailing and work well with the Blokart class.

The range has two offshore yacht racing models designed for yachts between four to eight meters and for those over eight meters. 

Windicator 84001 - Topper Version
Windicator 84001 - Topper Version

“The Windicator is considered the best wind direction indicator by leading sailors and riggers without question.  Its simplicity and accuracy will help any sailor trim sails and hone their heading for an all important advantage when racing on the water.  With Barton having recently been involved with the Land Sailing and Blokart National Championships in North America, we know they are also perfect for racing off the water as well.” says Jeff Webber, Barton Marine Chief Commercial Officer.

The five models available are:

Windicator WP200L – Barton Marine Part No 84002

§  Fits any 63mm (2.5”) diameter mast. 

§  Weighs just 34g (1.2oz).

§  It is designed specifically for the Laser, ILCA and Splash class.  

§  Also fits the Byte CI – CII, Fusion, Aero 6 & 7, Hartley H12, RS100, RS Neo and Seldon D+ Mast section (Solo)

§  Simple and effective mast clamp installation in seconds.

Windicator WP200S – Barton Marine Part No 84001

§  Fits any 45-50mm (1.75-2”) diameter mast. 

§  Weighs just 29g (1oz).

§  It is designed specifically for the Topper, Optimist, Starling and Blokart class. 

§  Also fits RS Terra, Hartley Streaker, Hartley H10

§  Simple and effective mast clamp installation in seconds.

Windicator WP200OPTI – Barton Marine Part No 84003

§  Fits into the mainsail luff at the top of the mast, 4.8mm diameter shaft. 

§  Weighs just 22g (0.77oz).

§  Designed specifically for the Optimist class.

Windicator WP285 – Barton Marine Part No 84004 

§  This is an offshore racing model.  Suitable for yachts 4-8m and fitting to the top of the mast. 

§  Weighs just 23g (1oz).

§  Features reflective film on vane and arms for night sailing. 

Windicator WP400 – Barton Marine Part No 84005

§  An Ocean racing model suitable for yachts 8m and over and fits to the top of the mast. 

§  Weighs just 64g (2.26oz).

§  Features reflective film on vane and arms for night sailing.

The Windicator is available now through the European Barton distribution network.  For any technical questions contact the Barton Tech team