Barton Marine have launched a new ‘Barton Race’ branded product group.  The ‘Barton Race’ range will comprise of high-performance low friction ball bearing blocks and the more high-tech products and accessories from the wider range of Barton gear, for both dinghy and cruising sailors.

Renowned and highly respected as the manufacturer of over 1800 great value, durable deck hardware products, to cover most equipment needs aboard, the new ‘Barton Race’ branding will simplify product selection for boat owners around the world.  Differentiated with bold red packaging and a fresh new logo, the ‘Barton Race’ range will stand out in retailers and dealers.  The popular range of plain bearing sheave blocks will remain packaged with the traditional blue Barton branding, providing a distinctly different look for each section of the range.

“Building such a large range of product options on chandlery shelves has given some customers a hard time in picking the right product for their needs.  We decided it was time to take a new approach.  Splitting the range with the addition of a new brand style means easier visual stock management for retailers and faster product recognition for customers.  The great blue wall of Barton products many are accustomed to is set to become a lot more colourful!”

Suzanne Blaustone – Barton Marine CEO

Barton Race product card
The new Barton Race brand - product display card

The ‘Barton Race’ range is being rolled out in deliveries right now and any retailers who wish to update their product packaging can request the new backing boards from their local distributor.