9mm Dyneema Loop With High Load Eye, 28mm Bore

High Load Eye With Dyneema Loop

The Barton high load eye with loop is available in three sizes and can be used in various applications on board including barber hauler, preventers, mast base block tidies, emergency blocks, occasional blocks and toe rail blocks etc.

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The high load eye combined with the Dyneema loop gives you a fast, efficient, simple and extremely strong solution for changing the direction of any line. The hard anodised aluminium eye is designed to have very good wear resistant properties with low friction, which combined with the high strength Dyneema loop gives you exceptional low weight to very high performance & load ratio.

High load eye compared to a standard plain bearing
block on average across the range
Friction increase by only 15%
Strength increased by 272%
Weight reduced by 51%
Data based on using 4mm D12 SK75 Dyneema core.

Barton Marine High Load eye with Dyneema Loop 60460, 60461, 60464

Additional information

Weight 137 g
Dimensions 350 × 65 × 29 mm
Bore Diameter (mm)

Loop Length (mm)



Max rope diameter