Pillar Fairlead Only Grey For 70200

Pillar fairleads
These add ons enable the cam cleat to be engaged from a variety of angles. Cams can be fitted either way around to achieve a lead from in front or behind. Stainless steel pillars add strength and wear resistance.

Manufactured from a Kevlar composite and available in three sizes to accept lines up to 14mm in diameter. This advanced material offers performance advantages over carbon fibre and conventional glass-reinforced resins. K cams are very strong, lightweight and have excellent wear resistance. A progressive tooth design ensures maximum holding power on all types of line, whilst maintaining minimum wear to both cam and line.

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`K´ cam bases feature a stainless steel wear bar for prolonged life.

Cams utilise stainless steel leaf springs which give a smooth but positive action. They are also stronger and have a longer life than conventional wire springs.

`K´ cam cleats are supplied as cleat only plus separate accessories in grey, green, red or yellow where appropriate, to allow colour coordination for port, starboard etc.

Downloads (PDF)

Barton Marine ‘K’ Cam Pillar Fairleads 70105, 70205, 70305

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 68 × 50 × 52 mm

Max rope diameter


Fastening centres

40mm (1 9/16")

Holding Power

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