Size 0 20mm Ball Bearing Pulley Block With Swivel

Ball Bearing Sheave
Ball Bearing Sheave

“The Barton Size 0 ball bearing block has 20mm (3/4″) sheaves and is also available in plain bearing sheaves. Designed for high strength and performance but lightweight with the range starting at only 13gms (0.5oz).

Suitable for up to 6mm (1/4”) rope Ideal for use on dinghies, day boats and smaller craft or lead blocks, flag pennants etc. on larger yachts

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The 20mm sheave Size 0 block range is available in plain and ball bearing assembly. Engineered for dinghy sailors and small craft enthusiasts, the series defines high strength, keen performance and lightweight design for racing and day boats. Also ideal for lead blocks, flag pennants and small line systems on larger yachts.

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Size 0 Block Range

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 55 × 24 × 16 mm

Block Type

No. of Sheaves

Bearing Type

Sheave Size

Max rope diameter


Break load

Max rolling load (ball bearing blocks)


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