Torlon Ball Package 78 Balls (5/16″) Short Traveller Car for 26mm Track

Torlon balls

Torlon ball packages available for all traveller sizes.

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Aesthetic design, clean lines, high-tech materials and finishes all go to make this range of traveller cars a functional and practical enhancement for any sailboat.

All end fittings feature a soft rubberised moulded cap, designed to withstand high impact without causing damage.

Standard travellers run on precision ground Delrin balls.

A Torlon ball package is available where higher load applications are required. Torlon balls give up to 40% more load bearing capacity. These packages are available in all three sizes and for long or short travellers.

The unique Barton modular system allows a wide variety of systems to be constructed, giving multiple control line options

Additional information

Weight 31 g
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 9 mm