TUPHblox – Cams No Fairlead 10-14mm (3/8 – 9/16″)

The TUPHblox Cams are engineered cams with stainless springs, and the cams are riveted in place with stainless steel pins. These provide good holding power for ropes. These are available with and without fairleads.

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Tufnol is a multiple layer, fabric laminated, resin bonded construction that is heated and then compressed to the required thickness. This creates a range of products that stand up to the rigorous performance and environmental standards required on sailing yachts, commercial applications and industrial users. It is non-conductive so ideal for industrial users such as Hot Air Balloons and explosive environments. The TUPHblox range incorporates stainless steel and brass components, making them light and strong. Barton is returned to manufacturing Tufnol blocks in 2023 and to its retro roots to support the requirements of classic heritage vessels worldwide along with commercial and industrial users. The TUPHblox range is constructed with 316 marine grade stainless steel components and brass bearings. The result is a durable line of blocks and gear that provide high rolling loads, greater strength and durability, UV and weather resistance that will last the lifetime of the product. Although specific wire blocks are available in the range even the rope variates work with wire ropes to.

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