TUPHblox – Single Block With Eye + Becket – 20mm (25/32″)

The 20mm (25/32″) TUPHblox with eye can be used with a shackle with either the pin or bow through the elongated slot in the top. It is available with becket if required. It is suitable for rope up to 8mm (5/16″). TUPHblox are made from a phenolic resin laminate with cotton reinforcement commonly known as Tufnol. It is strong durable and lightweight. All blocks are made with stainless steel (316) bindings and run on brass bearings

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Tufnol is a multi-layer, fabric reinforced, resin bonded material that is heated and then compressed to the required thickness. This creates a range of products that stand up to the rigorous demands encountered on sailing yachts, in commercial applications and for industrial uses. It is non-conductive so ideal for industrial uses such as aviation and combustive or explosive hazard environments. The TUPHblox range is constructed with 316 marine grade stainless steel components and brass bearings resulting in a lightweight and durable product. The result is a line of blocks and gear that provides high rolling loads, great strength and UV/weather resistance that has great longevity compared to other more conventional products.

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