Privacy and Conditions

May 2018

Dear Colleagues and Customers,

In preparation for the new GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS effective on 25th of May 2018, we are contacting everyone in our data base to ask if you still wish to hear from us.

Please be aware that we take personal privacy very seriously.  As a trade manufacturer we only contact you in response to your communications or to update you on our products, prices, availability, offers and latest company news.

Barton Marine has never and will never sell, buy, trade, give away or exchange personal or sensitive contact details.  We only use your details for what you request or require.  Any credit or financial records are kept in private password-only nominal computer files.  Paper documents that are being processed are in secure files and are only accessible to those who manage these specific transactions.   

If for any reason you wish your contact details to be removed from our data base please contact us by email with clear instructions of: “PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL FROM YOUR DATA BASE”

You can review a copy of the Barton Marine Privacy Policy here.
You can review a copy of our updated Terms and Conditions online here.
Our goal is to be GDPR compliant.  Many thanks for your help and understanding in this matter. 

Best Regards,
Suzanne Blaustone