High Load Eye 12mm Bore

High Load Eyes

Available in six sizes. Manufactured in marine grade aluminium with a hard anodised finish. These lightweight high load eyes are suitable for a variety of uses on board, from lazy jacks, barber haulers, mast base tidies to stanchion lead eyes. The smallest size can be attached using a 3mm line with a bullseye diameter of 6mm. The largest size can be attached using a 16mm line with a bullseye diameter of 28mm.

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Ergonomically designed to maximise the strength and efficiency of the eye. With HV500 hard anodising and the profile of the curved surfaces, these have been developed to keep friction as low as possible. The range has amazing strength to weight ratios, making them ideal for use as kickers, tweakers, genoa barber haulers, anywhere where weight saving and strength is important.

Wear Resistance

The hard anodising HV500 has amazing low friction properties. After over 300 hours on an abrasion test machine no visual signs of wear on the anodised coating could be found.

High load eye compared to a standard plain bearing
block on average across the range
Friction increase by only 15%
Strength increased by 272%
Weight reduced by 51%
Data based on using 4mm D12 SK75 Dyneema core.

Downloads (PDF)

Barton Marine High Load Eyes 60449 to 60454

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 11 mm
External Diameter (mm)

Internal Diameter (mm)

Bore Diameter (mm)



Max rope diameter