Laser Replica Cunningham assembly

Laser Replica Cunningham assembly (98079) upgraded to Ball Bearing Blocks

The Barton Cunningham assembly comes with 8:1 purchase for those who find the standard system a struggle. It is simple to fit and easy to use. Components can be configured to be class legal.

Part No: 98079 Category:


N10110 Series 0 single fixed eye (attached to primary red line through sail eye).
N10110 Series 0 single fixed eye ( attached to secondary yellow line short tail).
Primary line 0.44m x 4mm red Dyneema (with long and short loops).
Secondary line 3.5m x 4mm yellow line (large loop provided with long and
short tails).

Barton fittings are high quality replacements that perform the same function as the original part. They should not be confused with official parts bearing the Laser® registered trademark. They cannot be used if you are sailing at an Association event. However, they are perfect for social sailing, sailing schools, club sailing or training. Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited.

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Fact sheet – Barton Laser Replica Cunningham Assembly-98079