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Category: News 2018


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Yuukou Marine has been operating within the marine industry for about 10 years.

Q: What does your business specialise in? 

A: We offer a full chandlery line, and operate both distribution and end user sales. We also have some offshoots including a sail loft (Hyde Sails, another UK company who incidentally first introduced us to Barton Marine!) and Rescue Boat business. We are now producing the Robship Line of products also (completely revamped and new for 2018).

Q: Which country/countries do you operate in?

A: Japan for our core business and worldwide for the Robship Brand.

Q: How long you have been working with Barton Marine?

A: More than 8 years.

Q: What do you stock from Barton Marine?

A: We pretty much stock the full Barton Marine range.

Q: Why do you enjoy working with Barton Marine?

A: Firstly, the people at Barton Marine. The team are always responsive and really forward thinking. Secondly, its products. Barton Marine is one of the market leaders in high load eyes, and we were pleased to be involved with the product development when the company introduced its splicing tools.

Q: What do you particularly like about the company?

A: In Japanese we would say "Ganbatte Iru!" 頑張っている

This means they are doing their best!

Q: Would you recommend Barton Marine to other businesses/colleagues/friends? If so why?

A: Without a doubt, Barton Marine makes some of the toughest, most cost effective marine deck hardware available on the market. It is easy to sell something we believe in ourselves.

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